Abi Ferrin

Kansas born and New York raised, I was blessed to spend my formative years in one of the most amazing cities for an artistic spirit. I started ”designing” at the age of 5 when my grandmother taught me on her old Singer. In elementary school, I would literally cut up the clothes my mother bought me and create a completely new outfit for me and my doll. A few years later, I was fortunate that my mother decided to move our family to NY, Sugar Hill to be exact. It was in that town that I found where I belonged and who I was to my soul… A creative.

I attended the High School of Fashion Industries, where I thrived academically and personally. I would ride the one train from my Washington Heights home on 157 St every day to 24th in Chelsea. I was fully immersed in the world of fashion. I even worked at “The” Barney’s New York where are first met Oprah, the next time will be when one of my products makes it to her “favorite things list”. I would spend all of my free time creating outfits for myself and my girlfriends in the neighborhood. My first taste of creating baby clothing was when I made African inspired outfits and sold them at festivals in Harlem.

After graduation, I went to college and worked towards a “real career” (not my words) receiving a BS in Counseling and MS in HR and Business. While in college, I made extra money sewing. I made wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, party dresses, you name it I made it.

When I moved to Dallas, I participated in fashion shows and focused on creating custom women’s fashions. It wasn’t until I found that I was losing passion for what I once loved and it was becoming more of a chore. I began creating custom gifts to give at baby showers and this quickly turned into what is now Trubaby. Passion renewed!